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Social Media Advertising Generated From The New Buzz Standard - Getting Targeted Leads for Your Business

Submitted by Teo Graca and Stephen Adler | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me!

In case you don't already know the power of social media, it is overtaking search engine traffic as you read. In my recent article on this subject (click here for the article), I show how just one social media site has had more visits per month than Google since February 2010. Google had been THE dominant website for about a decade before this.

Here are the next steps to running a social media advertising campaign with us.

  1. You send us or set up one web page or article (400-800 words) with great content and a unique URL that we can promote.
  2. We proof read your content and get it ready for the social media advertising campaign.
  3. We, or you set up our visits and social buzz counter on your web page (article).
  4. Once this is done, we schedule the content for release to our social media syndicate and set up the content in our system so we can track the traffic and provide 12-months of on going support for this campaign.
  5. We create or use the existing title, keywords and descriptions, and then submit your content to our readers and generate ongoing social buzz and targeted traffic for the content.
  6. We maintain the promotions for one year to make sure we meet our guarantee to you of targeted traffic and social Buzz, per campaign.

We have priced our social media advertising packages to match any budget and offer discounts for customers that can schedule great new content monthly for release to the social media sites. For multiple campaign customers, we develop a release schedule and advertising plan for the content.

One Campaign - For those that just want to try this out and see what happens, we offer a single ONE-YEAR campaign. Note that we have a limited amount of placements each month and if you sign up for this program, and we fill up, additional advertising opportunities may not be available. Here are the projected targeted leads over the next 18 months (6 quarters) with our 12 month support program.

We guarantee 500 targeted leads in the first month and at least 5,000 within 12 months for each campaign we run. Each campaign is for one URL (web page or article location). We have had such consistent performance over the last year, that we can guarantee these numbers as a minimum, per campaign. As you run additional campaigns on your content, you will see increasing numbers of targeted leads coming to your website each month.

3 Monthly Campaigns - We provide THREE 12-month social media advertising campaigns over THREE months to get at least 25,000 targeted leads to your content at the end of our this 15 month program, guaranteed. As you get the targeted leads month after month, your cost per lead goes down significantly. And after a few years, you will find you cost per targeted lead has gone down to just pennies. We offer an additional discount for companies that pledge to run at least THREE monthly ONE-YEAR campaigns. Here are the targeted lead projections:

12 Monthly Campaigns - When you see the value of our social media advertising campaigns and want to lock in the price and availability, we will provide a higher discount for businesses that pledge to run a ONE-YEAR campaign for 12 consecutive months. With our minimum guarantee, you can see from the projections below how you can generate a minimum of about 5,000 targeted leads monthly after 12 months. The cost per lead continues to go down with each month as each campaign generates new Word-of-Mouth and targeted leads for your content. Consistent monthly content is what we recommend, and although you may be thinking about less advertising, providing monthly content keeps your message fresh. For online businesses, advertising is THE MOST IMPORTANT line item on an Internet expense sheet.

Multiple Campaigns Per Month - We have a limited number of campaigns we can run per month, so if you need this, and while it is still available, you may want to lock in 20 or more campaigns over the next 12 months and reduce the cost per campaign even more. Call for pricing and availability. You can expect multiples of the above projections when you go with multiple monthly packages, and this is part of our guarantee. We will create a marketing plan based on your traffic needs and budget.

Our Pledge Program - This is simply our pledge to you that we will make sure your content gets these numbers, and your pledge to us that you will continue with the program when we do. If you are interested in any of these programs, we will email you our letter of intent and performance guarantee, then you return it with your pledge to move forward, and we will work together to generate targeted leads for your business.


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