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SEO and Multiple Website Marketing (MWM)

Submitted by Teo Graca and Stephen Adler | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me! | IBC

The longer you have your websites in place with relevant content and meta data, the more attractive they become to search engines. Keep in mind that search engines weigh the length of time your websites have been in place, so the sooner you build relevance, the stronger your web presence will be.

Marketing Your Web Sites:

One of the first things to do in building your web presences is to get your core website optimized for search engines. Getting a complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis, report and plan of action allows you to immediately see what needs to be done and how large your project is. Generally, companies charge $2,500 to $5,000 for a standard SEO package, and some charge these fees monthly to maintain your site. This level of expense is not necessary in most cases and with social media surpassing search engines, SEO is less relevant than social media marketing.

Measuring Traffic:

Using Analytic tools allows you to set a baseline of current traffic so you can measure traffic increases as you put SEO and other systems in place. Getting a summary of key reports for your current and past traffic helps you determine the strategies that work best.

Expected Increases with Standard SEO:

With an average rating, you can expect SEO to raise your traffic cumulatively per month once it is in place and create a solid foundation for additional marketing. For lower ratings, SEO will create a much bigger increase in traffic. Properly implemented SEO can be done just once and your traffic will continue to build long after the SEO is in place - this is highly recommend this as the starting point for any Internet marketing you may be considering.

The Next Step:

The Multiple Website Marketing (MWM) strategy is the next best step. Due to its ability to create massive interlinked connections and the superior power of using a unique domain name per website, social media profile or page, this will be much more effective than just updating web pages on your existing site - you can increase traffic to your primary and secondary businesses through this technique. Properly executed, increasing your web of sites can become your single most effective link-building strategy available today.


Many companies have link building strategies that depend on sites out of your control, and once in place, these links can be easily lost because they depend on other website owners. Effective reporting to determine your Return on Investment (ROI) is almost impossible to calculate with this approach. The MWM strategy provides complete control and allows you to quickly determine the ROI, and can cost a fraction of what link building companies charge. Plus, when using micro sites and full websites where you own the domain names, each becomes a valuable asset that your company can either sell at a profit or continue to use to build your business.

With content that is shared on each website and links to other relevant websites you own, just 10 links between your content and your other websites, social media profiles and pages, can generate a huge amount of relevant back links. Consider each site with just 10 links pointing out to your other sites (each link counts twice - inbound and outbound - relevant interlinked connections between your sites):

    15 websites - Total Interlinked Connections: 300
    30 websites - Total Interlinked Connections: 600
    60 websites - Total Interlinked Connections: 1,200

Continued Increase in Traffic:

These interlinked connections will greatly increase your traffic, and this effect is cumulative - the more connections the better - your traffic will continue to increase long after these sites have been put in place. The magic number is 1000 interlinked connections, which is what companies like ESPN, Nascar, CBS and Fox have used to create a massive web presence that brings them huge amounts of traffic. With this number, you can expect huge increases in traffic, but the key is to keep the connections relevant. The more relevance you build into your interlinking strategy, the more "targeted" your leads will be.

Building Your MWM Portfolio:

MWM acts as a traffic building portfolio - the longer you have it in place, the more these domains will attract search engines. Keep in mind that search engines weigh the length of time your websites have been in place, so the sooner you get your MWM strategy in place, the stronger your web presence will be. And as this technique becomes the norm used by everyone instead of just a few businesses that are ahead of the game, businesses that implement this MWM strategy first will have a significant advantage over the late-comers.

Sooner Than Later is Better:

Also note that if you have had your current websites in place for some time, the longer the SEO is not properly in place, the less weight the websites will have with the search engines. SEO creates website relevance for the search engines and if your websites have less relevance than they should, the clock won't start clicking until this is corrected. If you are looking to grow your traffic quickly, it is much better to get started sooner than later.