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Viral Video Marketing - A Must Have in Today's Internet Market!

Submitted by Teo Graca | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me! | IBC

Today’s media onslaught negatively affects consumers as they are bombarded from all sides, but we are finding that when it comes to video, this doesn't apply. Did you know that last December (2007) 10 Billion Videos were watched, 52% of all Internet traffic was video and 141 million Americans watched online video (stats from eMARKETER)? Video is the fastest growing segment on the Internet (from the Advertising Research Foundation).

Video consumption is expected to double in 2008. Right now, video is not only necessary, it is expected, and if you are not using video in your marketing plan, you are being left behind.

It is not at all like traditional advertising and many companies that implement their own plans are struggling with this new way of advertising that must create consistency in their brands and their market penetration to be effective. If not done correctly, it could actually hurt your brand. It requires a unique set of skills. You need to find a company that has the "geeky" technical Internet skills, the ever-changing Internet marketing know-how and the video production experience necessary to do the job right.

Imagine dominating your market, ranking at the top of the search engines, driving massive traffic to your web site, and creating a huge list to market too. The power of video to sell your idea or product with motion and sound, mixed with powerful language and copy, allows you to create irresistible offers using language that is tailored to each individuals mind set.

By producing videos, you will build an online family that loves you and buys your stuff and the stuff you recommend. It becomes "selling" without having to sell.

Using video with other Internet tools including press releases, newsletters, blogs and articles provides an opportunity to use multiple techniques in a themed approach to marketing as you create thousands of connections. All of these provide an interlinking approach that gives you a huge Internet presence with all of it pointing back to your "buy now" and "sign up" pages. Using a social media marketing campaign like this will build your credibility and launch you as an expert in your field. Remember, you are your brand!