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Books and eBooks

Social Graces Essential Tools for Successful Ladies

This is a finishing school in a workbook. Presented in an easy-to-use, interactive format, it teaches everything you would learn at a world-class charm school that specializes in both domestic and international etiquette. The workbook covers required thinking processes necessary for success. It also covers action items such as how to make a good first impression; how to move gracefully with proper posture; how to make introductions; how to shop for clothes that flatter your figure; choosing occasion appropriate clothes and accessories; skin care, day and evening make-up; table manners; restaurant etiquette; health and much more.

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Price:$46.00 includes shipping

eBook Amazon - Social Graces Essential Tools for Successful Ladies


Business Etiquette: Essential Tools for Success

This workbook features an easy-to-use, interactive format and reveals the secrets of successful thinking and the how-to's of business etiquette. Topics range from goal setting, first impressions, introductions and body stances to office etiquette, how to make a complaint, how to listen to criticism, proper business attire, and much more.

Price:$46.00 includes shipping







Little Caterpillar in Training:
A Culture in Transition and Its Mixed Child in Post-War Japan

Video - Grace's Book Interview at Advanced Toastmasters, Valencia, CA


The book gives an inside glimpse of the challenges associated with growing up steeped in Japanese tradition while battling the racial prejudice that made Grace Lee’s life a fight to survive. It is a saga showing how a mixed child from an interracial marriage copes.

Grace's bi-cultural upbringing and the challenges she faced gives her a unique, poignant and practical perspective on life and multicultural relationships. Her short stories and remembrances are not only heartwarming but also educational and humorous. For teens and adults.

Price:$15.00 includes shipping


eBook Amazon -  Little Caterpillar in Training:
A Culture in Transition and Its Mixed Child in Post-War Japan