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DIET - Summary of Teo's Articles

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Here's a quick summary of my articles on DIET.

  1. Dr. Otto Warburg - Oxygenation Beats Cancer
    1. The US pharmaceutical industry has successfully lobbied to block ANY cure for cancer or research that helps prevent cancer in America. For example: in 2006, flouride was proven to cause osteoperosis in women and the reports were published on, but funding for research into this area was successfully blocked by lobbyists with roots in Merche and other major pharmaceutical companies. There are many cures available in other countries, but from my research, oxygenation of the blood seems to be the best. There are also innexpensive and readily available supplements like soursop that are very effective at fighting and reversing cancer. If you have an Internet connection, please take a few minutes and help yourself to the wealth of information available to you.
  2. FOOD - Calories Versus Protein
  3. Calorie Counter - Determining Your Daily Calorie Needs
  4. Heat Intolerance - Sweating At Low Temperatures Can Be A Symptom Of A Vitamin Deficiency
  5. Building Glycogen Energy Stores Is Critical To Getting The Most Out Of Your Exercise Routines
  6. Eye Food - Taking Care Of Your Eyes With Natural Foods
    1. Rutin
    2. Vitamin A and Carotenoids
      1. foods with yellow, orange, and red colors
    3. Ginkgo Biloba
    4. Vitamin E
    5. Bilberry
    6. Fennel
    7. Marijuana
  7. Diet Shakes and Supplements
    1. Vitamins that need to be replenished daily
    2. Psyllium
    3. L-Orgnithine
  8. The Cayce Diet
    1. Alkaline Versus Acidic Foods
    2. Blood building and food combining
  9. Edgar Cayce - Blood Building Diets - Part 1
  10. Edgar Cayce - Blood Building Diets - Part 2
  11. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) For Pain
  12. Gotu Kola Provides Many Benefits
  13. L-Arganine And L-Ornithine Benefits