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Domain Interlinker - Creating Relevance Through Multiple Websites and Social Media Accounts!

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The Domain Interlinker provides and easy-to-use interlinking application within our MWM (Multiple Website Marketing) tool that allows you to link your domains to your other domains and your profiles on social media sites. This provides the interlinked connections and back links that the search engines use to increase the rankings for your entire web presence and build significant traffic and value for your domains.


Google's link counting algorithm is what made it the first search engine that actually worked and what brought it into dominance in the search market. Properly interlinking your web presence creates relevance and this is what currently raises search rankings and keeps visitors coming back for more.

MWM - How it works

Multiple Website Marketing provides a low-cost, yet highly effective strategy that uses a variety of approaches to attracting customers for your products and services.

Unlike advertising which provides short-terms success and then goes away, these sites bring customers month after month. It is the difference between owning your marketing versus renting it.

MWM - How it works!

We offer a consultation on branding and how this can be used to create a huge web presence that has a low cost maintenance instead of the usual high cost associated with traditional search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Once payment is received, you will get FOUR 1-hour consultations and a final branding strategy report that will launch your marketing into the new era of advertising on the web.

You can also apply this amount to our other educational programs and business opportunities.
This four-hour branding consultation package is only $299.


We also select a few qualified candidates that spend 10-minutes learning about themselves through our Entrepreneur Assessment (click here) to participate on our mentorship program.

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