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Multiple Domain Marketing - Creating a New Career Selling and Building Multiple Domains!

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Whether you are looking for a way to create inexpensive websites, start a new career or enhance your company's arsenal of services, our micro site builder is a powerful way to help you and your customers. It encompasses a COMPLETE website marketing strategy and provides analysis tools, social media and search engine integrations in a single management tool!

This site is the pricing site for the Multiple Website Marketing (MWM) tool, where we can either do everything for you, teach you how to build your own websites and dominate associated keywords, or just host your work while you use the MWM landing page builder. We have broken up the various tasks associated with managing and marketing your multiple websites below.

Before you read on, think about whether you want to find a tool that lets you easily build and market websites yourself, or if you want to have someone else to do it for you while you focus on your business.

CLICK HERE for the "We Do It All For You" Introductory Website Packages, or read on for the "Do It Yourself" plan.

For individuals and web development firms, we offer the "Do It Yourself" approach. This requires certification from our staff, but there are a full set of video tutorials available in case you want to learn the process on your own. We will provide certification and help generating sites for others as you move forward with your business plan.

As creator of the technology and tools, we provide official certification in MWM methodologies as well. Certified individuals have can create sites for others and use our tools at no extra charge (only the very low-cost hosting fees are required). For non-certified individuals using the system, there is an additional $30 initiation fee per domain. For both certified and non-certified MWM users, we provide the following optional services.

Domain Registration and Domain Set Up

Although you can register the domain name yourself and adjust the DNS A record yourself, we will do this for you per your request. The following charges apply.

$15 per year for each domain name registration. We will set this account up in your name and pass the security information back to you if you prefer. You own the domain name, not us. Most hosting companies are not up front about this issue. Your domain names are valuable assets that can be reflected in your company's valuation documentation.

$15 to set up of the domain name to point to the MWM micro site (one time charge). This is the DNS A record adjustment mentioned earlier. This is included if we register and host the domain for you.

Custom Graphic Design

We have two sized graphics that can go with our standard package - 400 pixels wide by 60 high, which go at the top left side of the website, or 955px wide by up to 300 pixels high to run across the entire top of the website. You can either supply these to us, or we will create them for $49 for the smaller graphic and $99 for the larger one. This is included with our standard packages.

Uploading Custom Graphics

In your articles, you can reference graphics from anywhere on the web. Most of our customers host their own graphics, but we will upload and host them for you as needed. It takes a little time, and we do charge for this, unless you a certified reseller - we provide an upload application for those that are certified. This is included with our VMA standard packages.

Copy Writing, Content Creation and Branding

The bulk of the work in setting up a micro site is in selecting the domain name, writing copy associated with it, interlinking other websites, and creating a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your domains. This is included with our standard packages.

Search Engine Registration

We will register your websites and site maps with the search engines 3 days after it is completed and approved. Although certified resellers can do this themselves, this is included with our standard packages. We normally charge $49 for search engine registrations, per website.

Official Reseller Certification Package (By Invitation Only)

Although most of our partners are resellers and we do the work in-house, we do offer a complete course in our technologies for those that want to earn extra by doing the actual work for others. Once you successfully complete our program, we will advertise you as part of our certified website builders. We teach the history and application of the latest web techniques for advertising and marketing. We teach you how to build value for your virtual real estate and turn them into cash! To qualify for this program, you must first take our free Entrepreneur Assessment (click here so we can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and see if you are a fit for this program. We will then have a mentor contact you and help you with you develop a plan to get you started.

Interlinking Strategies

We will also educate you on interlinking strategies at no cost to you.

You will be contacted after you fill out the Entrepreneur Assessment

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