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Domain Marketing Site - Building Value For Your Domain Names

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The Domain Marketing Site provides an easy way to develop an Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy using domain names you may have parked on sites like GoDaddy. It allows you to build your own landing pages for these domain names and add an interlinking strategy. This strategy creates in-bound AND out-bound links around your branded web presence and builds search engine rankings for your domains. Properly done, this builds relevance, increases overall traffic and raises your rankings within the search engines for your entire web presence.

The Domain Marketing Site is your portal (entry point) into our Multiple Website Marketing tool, where you can develop your skills in web development, marketing, sales and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. You also have access to display ad management, side-by-side traffic reports for all of your domains, and an interlinking tool that makes it easy to build connections between your websites and your social media profiles. You can test branding strategies and develop your own business in the global market place.

If you would like to learn more about our educational programs and get a free consultation with one of our mentors, take 10 minutes and get your free instant Entrepreneur Assessment (click here). This allows you to learn a little about yourself and make it easier for your mentor to communicate with you.

So many people spend $10 to $30 per year per domain to hold onto a domain name they may want to use later, but they never do. These domain names have no value while they remain unused. The Viral Marketing Alliance (VMA) provides an opportunity to build value for your domain names and build more customers for your business.

Hosted domain names with real websites and real website traffic are typically valued at $1 to $2 per visit per month that the website. The VMA is designed to create real value for the domains and can generate 100's or thousands of visits per month by simply existing in the VMA network. I have found this system to immediately increase the value of unused domains from nothing to $100's or $1,000's in just one month.

This provides anyone a new home based business opportunity just building value for domain names and reselling them. Begin building your virtual real estate dynasty today!

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