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Evolution Of Advertising

Submitted by Tony Covey | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me!

Traditional advertising has become relatively ineffective since the inception of the Internet, and although there have been many forms of Internet advertising that have provided some good effect in the past, the New Evolution of Advertising exists in Social Media Adverting and Content Syndication.

Social Media Advertising is all about Getting Buzz, or votes, for your content. When you submit your own content to these sites, how much buzz do you get? Most people don't get much, usually just one vote - their own vote.

We have solved this problem for ourselves through years of content sharing and have a huge following now, which grows daily. The net result is that when we submit content, that content gets buzz in the social media sites.

  • Buzz generates traffic from both the social media sites and search engines.
  • Buzz generates more buzz - its friends telling friends - it's the new word of mouth.
  • Buzz lasts for years and creates a dominant position for your content the longer it is in place.

Now, we have opened up our submission process to just a few people with good content to share. Ask about our IBC Program!

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