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What is Article Advocates? - Registration FAQ

Submitted by Teo Graca | RSS Feed | Add Comment | Bookmark Me!

Article Advocates is part of the core Viral Marketing Alliance (VMA) system that generates targeted leads through a comprehensive state-of-the-art blogging platform. AND, it costs absolutely nothing to use! This system is unique in the industry - cutting edge - the holy grail of SEO (search engine optimization) and is designed for anyone with content so share.

This system also allows those that host their websites with Buzz Standard to manage content through this system and offers huge advantages over any other content management system on the market today - FREE.

  • Article Storage - leave your draft articles set as "Private" and they are only viewable by you. This is great for storing ideas for articles that you can develop and publish later. Once you set them to "Publish", they are available for inclusion on many of our customers websites, automatically.
  • Blogging - the system allows others to leave comments on your articles and provides RSS feeds compatible with other web systems. Our easy-to-manage article system allows you to build an endless supply of content for the web, at no cost to you!
  • Syndication - We have another technology called Multiple Website Marketing (MWM) for people that have domains registered, but don't have much content. These sites will display Article Advocates content, including your published content, as associated or featured articles based on a keyword matching strategy. This generates more traffic for your content!
  • Bookmarking - our next-generation bookmarking platform allows anyone to bookmark your content. This is a huge SEO feature that does several things.
    1. It's primary use is for people that want to save their favorite articles and review them on their Bookmarker pages.
    2. Each article in the system will show a counter with the total number of bookmarkers that have bookmarked the article.
    3. This counter links to a report that shows all the bookmarkers that have bookmarked the article.
    4. Clicking a link to the bookmarker's name will take you to a report that shows you all of their bookmarks that are currently in the system.
    5. As our current and new customers opt-in to our bookmarking platform, the bookmarker pages show up on these other websites, increasing the number of bookmarker pages.
    6. This increases the number of inbound links to your articles, per bookmark and per article. The more websites that incorporate our technology, the potential for inbound links to your articles increases exponentially.
    7. Also, we already have over 50 customers in line to get this feature included on their websites and plan to have about 100 in place by March of 2011.
    8. This is free and comes with our free Article Advocates service.

What are the rules for using Article Advocates?
In general, we are looking for positive, interesting and even provocative content, preferably informational. The only thing we don't accept is content with sexually explicit images or hateful content. Also, your content must use relevant keywords - we have systems in place to check the relevance of your keyword choices. Blatant keyword abuse is considered spamming and won't be tolerated.

What if I want my own website?
Once you get your published content in the system, we have many options. Most of our customers have multiple websites, so we recommend the following based on how many websites you want fully developed and how many you want to just act as part of your sales funnel.

  • Viral Marketing Alliance - For any MWM or new customers that want to own their own social media website, we now have a powerful solution for a low price. Check out the Viral Marketing Alliance (VMA) website for more information - we can create a theme for the site using thousands of existing articles and content provided by you. Get the power of many with a turn key solution designed for anyone simply looking for traffic.
  • Full Fledged Website Hosting - Buzz Standard can provide a fully branded website with as many features as needed. There are even FaceBook, Twitter and many other integrations you can get. Whatever you can imagine, we have already built or are willing to build it for you!

Note that we have replaced the Article Advocates newsletter with a comprehensive set of video tutorials, so registration doesn't include any emails from us. Registration just provides a way to log in and use the system. The video tutorials are available directly from any page on the site.

Register for free use of Article Advocates...


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