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Activity Internet Marketing Report

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The September 2005, Consumer Reports Canada States “The odds are roughly 1 in 3 that your computer will be damaged or thrashed by Virus or Spy ware”.

Try and get an issue. It has a lot of good solid information on how to protect your computer.

Sophos stated on unprotected, unpatched Windows PC on line for 12 minutes has a 50 percent chance of being infected by a virus. They also claim ”crime groups” are behind a huge outbreak in computer virus crime.



- Can’t help attacking the screen when they

hear, ”You’ve Got Mail”.

- Can’t stick their heads out of Windows XP.

- Carpal Paw Syndrome.

- Too difficult to “Mark” every web site they visit.

- Too hard to read the screen with head cocked to one


- Cause dogs aren’t GEEKS!


Do you have stuff you no longer have use for and want to get rid of? If you haven’t got time for garage sales, or ebay-you need to check out “The Freecyle Network”.

Founded in 2003, the network has more then 1.7 million members in 3,100 Communities in over 50 countries.

The only rules around what can be exchanged, or offered free is that it be legal, for any age group. There is a good chance of a listing from your city. For details click on:

Site Explorer allows you to explore the entire pages index by Yahoo Search.

You can view the most popular pages from any site, site map, and pages that link.

When Searching Yahoo News,

You can also search through video, audio, syndicated news, blogs of Corporations or various individuals. has come up with some great features, including a “Toolbox”. Icons allow direct access to more than 20 search tools, including maps, images, weather, dictionary, local and desktop encyclopaedia is another feature providing content from Wikipedia, Houghton Mifflin and Columbia encyclopaedias right at the top of result page.


In addition to HTML files, Google search also supports 12 other formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office, PostScript, Corel WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and others. Additionally, Google also offers the user the ability to "View as HTML, which allows users to view these files in case the corresponding software is not installed on the user’s PC. It also eliminates the hazards of opening a virus-infected document.


A new offering from Google - Advanced News Search, allows visitors to scour headlines by date, location, exact phrases or publication. People can use it retrieve articles from more than 4,500 news outlets publishing on the Web.


This feature is particularly helpful if your search has non-English results. Google offers a facility to auto-martially translate a page for you in English. Currently, Google supports Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese languages.


Receive over 400 minutes of FREE online videos that show you step by step how to build an online business and an email list into the thousands. Visit the following website, sign up and get your report!


Have a picture of someone famous or any that is newsworthy picture? Just go to:

Upload your picture... they will help you sell it to media outlets worldwide, and when they do sell it they'll split the proceeds 50-50 with you.

Better Business Bureau:

Other auction sites available to you:

If you want your own website click here and learn more:

My good friend Keith Wellman gave me exclusive permission to give you this special link.

It will allow you access to some extremely advanced viral marketing tools. Check it out.

Register free and gain access to scam alerts, news.

See how AltaVista can translate your website into 8 languages.

Drop Ship

There are thousands of companies who claim to be "Drop Shippers". There are dozens of lists and sites that claim to tell you where to find them. Don't be fooled by the junk drop ship lists that sell for $25 to $50+ and call themselves drop shippers. Most of these lists are worthless. They are resellers, charge you high retail prices, or you are required to pay a set up fee.

The good true drop shipper will not ask you for a fee. They will allow you to copy pictures of the products they sell. Prices are about half you would pay for retail. You can then set your price.

They will not include any of their material and ship under your label.

Free Information on how to drop ship, supply website free or use your

own. Copy any picture listing for your website or e mail.

Netdropsipper is a free drop shipper. However they also have a drop ship auction package they charge $99.99 for. With a click of a button you can then place any of their products on any auction site you wish.

If you have no website, they will build one for you and you can stock it with the products you want to carry. Price: $129.99

Lakeside carries hundreds of quality wholesale novelties. Just as good as a drop shipper as their minimum order is $35.00

Premiumconnection products span a wide range of interest and needs. They stock electronics such as radios, calculators, TVs and clocks; tool kits for BBQs, gardening and automotive needs;

outdoor merchandise such as tents, cooler bags, BBQ grills and picnic kits; and a high quality line of leather merchandise including

Review of different drop shippers:

Free Auto responders hosted on their servers

USA Tax Forms and Help

Social Security




Business Tax ID