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Private Label Drinking Water: A Powerful Brand Builder

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All firms need to build a strong brand in order to effectively compete. A strong brand distinguishes one firm from another and allows individual messages that express the strength of the company,product and service offerings. A strong brand shows how your offering is different and should clearly express features and benefits that appeal to the marketplace. Those firms that make a clear statement about the strengths of their respective brands generally enjoy greater success in the marketplace.

A strong brand will achieve a number of results. The brand will identify the products or services offered and will define the quality of these offering in the marketplace. In addition the core values of the product and firm should be evident and the mission and specialty of the company should be clearly expressed. The net result of brand creation should be an expression of the personality and character of the firm and an expression of the quality of the product offering.

Branding includes Products and Services:

Branding is not limited to products alone and service firms are often aggressive branders.Successful service providers are those that identify a need in the market place and develop a message that appeals to the market. The successful message identifies how the firm is best able to add value to the market place.

The objectives that a good brand will deliver the message clearly and confirm credibility. The objective of the message is also target prospective customers on an emotional level. After successful transmission of the massage the prospect should be motivated to buy and, if the message is powerful enough brand loyalty should be created.

Sell on Quality Not on Price:

Studies have shown that those firms that compete solely on price are almost guaranteed to fail. No matter how much firms discount their prices in order to capture the sale, in a price cutting environment there will always be another player willing to reduce prices lower. The result is that all firms in the market run the risk of selling below cost and, if price cutting continues, bankruptcy is a frequent result.

Firms that prosper in a market are those that can clearly distinguish their offering from those of the competition. Most effective are those that develop a clear message of the benefits of their product/service offering. Development of a clear message requires an analysis of the strengths of the firm and strategic thinking as to that portion of a market that the firm wants to capture. Following the development of the branding message, decisions are required as to the nest way to promote the brand in the marketplace.

Broadcast the Message:

A brand message that is not properly delivered is a waste of time and resources. Even the best brand message fails if it goes unheard and unheeded in the market place. Nevertheless, care must be exercised when promoting a brand because promotion is expensive and bad decisions can result in a disaster for the small firm. There are many avenues to properly promoting a brand and some are more effective than others.

The options available range from print, radio, and television advertising to private mailers and public relations. Each of these techniques varies in price and effectiveness and generally requires multiple exposures to be effective. Many companies dedicate substantial resources to brand promotion using traditional techniques and advertising and public promotion budgets often represent a substantial portion of a company's operating budget. For smaller firms traditional promotion can be a tremendous burden often producing limited or long term results.

Private Label Drinking Water as a Powerful Brand Builder:

A new and effective method of brand promotion is becoming very popular, particularly for small to medium firms with limited advertising and public relations budgets. Private label drinking water has captured the imagination of those companies wishing to convey their message in clear and lasting terms. Private label drinking water is bottled water that includes a custom label designed to specifications that conveys a clear message. Private label drinking water has many uses and applications:

  • High quality drinking water with custom designed labels conveys a long lasting message without the need for multiple costly exposures.

Prospects and clients often keep individual bottles for futureuse and the image can be viewed repeatedly.

  • Private labeled drinking water can be best described as consumable advertising that is cost effective and imparts a sustainable message.
  • Custom labels can be easily modified for specific occasions.
  • Additional supplies of water can be ordered for meeting, events and public displays.
  • Cost is low and water offerings can be coupled with sales opportunities at sporting and other public events.

Quality is Critical:

Any type of brand message requires a quality effort. A low quality, substandard presentation coupled with the most powerful message will fail if it is perceived to be low quality. This is particularly true with private label water.

The first level of quality involves the quality of the water in the bottle. Low quality, impure water will often result in dissatisfaction and impairment of the message, The best way to ensure high quality water is to use ultra pure water that is distilled and oxygenated for highest quality and the best taste. Next, the label design must be of professional quality, address all aspects of the desired message and be configured in an attractive, eye catching design. Lastly the label must be printed using a high quality, high resolution printer on laminated water proof label stock.During the creation and printing process, quality control checks are required in order to ensure the presentation of the most effective branding message.

Creating a powerful brand is critical to the success of any firm in the marketplace and the creation process is only as effective as the expression of the brand message. Many firms succeed or fail as a result of the perception of their brand in the marketplace. Use of private label water is an attractive tool for brand success.